South African VPN

South Africa IP adresi ile internete bağlanın. Sadece South Africa için olan site ve hizmetlere dünyanın her yerinden erişin.

Would you like to surf the internet with your privacy intact? If you access content through a public Wi-Fi connection your data is not safe. Even in the comfort of your home, legislation created by the South African government, such as the Protection of State Information Bill (POSIB) and the General Intelligence Laws Amendment Bill (GILAB), can be used to curtail or track your access to online content.

Today you can secure your privacy by connecting to the internet through ZenVPN, banishing even the most sophisticated of snoopers by encrypting all of your data. You’ll also be able to access websites through any one of the 33 other locations that ZenVPN offers, with just one click you’ll be able to bypass censorship and enjoy content worldwide.

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