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Connect to the websites and servers of your choice via a fast, secure and free VPN

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With ZenVPN Free plan you can route your traffic to selected websites via one or multiple VPN locations completely free of charge and without compromising your privacy and security.

How it works

ZenVPN Free plan comes with unlimited split tunneling VPN that can be utilized to cover many of your VPN needs. Split tunneling works by directing only traffic to selected websites via VPN servers while letting the rest of your traffic flow via your ISP as it normally would. Unless you require the additional privacy and security provided by classic VPN, and just need to access geo-restricted content, split tunneling can be a smart choice. Not only it’s completely free, but also doesn’t penalize your connection speed like traditional VPN does.

How to set up free VPN

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Create a free ZenVPN account

2. Set up sites

Specify the sites you’d like to connect to via VPN server

3. Connect

Download and install ZenVPN client application for your platform

Are you selling my data?

No. Unlike regular “free” VPNs that make money from advertising or selling user data, ZenVPN Free plan is merely a promo product meant to showcase our business offerings. We make money from paid subscriptions and will never sell your data to any third parties.

What countries is free VPN available in?

You can use split tunneling for free with any of our shared locations. Check out the full list here: VPN locations

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We value your privacy. We value your safety. And we know that these two don’t have to come at a high cost.