Free VPN service

by ZenVPN

Enjoy the benefits of encrypted censorship-free connection completely free of charge!

  1. Unlimited speed
    Free users enjoy the same speeds as paid users, limited only by your Internet connection.
  2. Generous bandwidth limits
    ZenVPN free plan comes with 250 Mb (and growing!) daily traffic allowance when popular alternatives offer mealsy 500Mb for a whole month.
  3. Security and privacy
    ... are the same as on the paid plans: no logs, no blocks, strong encryption.

And it's getting better all the time!

As our network grows, the free plan's bandwidth allowance grows with it. Here's how it was advancing recently:

200 Mb
250 Mb
Dec 2014
Free plan introduced
Jan 2015

We are also regularly growing the list of VPN server locations available to the free users. Locations available right now are: France, Netherlands, Singapore, US, India .