Uncensored And Secure Internet Access

Bypass website blocks and protect your privacy using
ZenVPN fast and affordable VPN service.

Zero configuration

Yes, we mean it. Simply download and install our kit and you are instantly connected.

Free to try

We won't charge you a penny until you have tried our network and experienced the connection quality firsthand.


ZenVPN is among the cheapest VPN services out there. Our premium packages start from as little as $2.95 and if that's too much we have a FREE plan!

Blazing Fast

ZenVPN offers superb connectivity thanks to our globally distributed network and dynamic bandwidth allocation.


We use strong industry standard encryption to ensure that your traffic cannot be intercepted at the access point or ISP level.

No Logs

We don't inspect your online activities and don't maintain any record of them.

Don’t know what a VPN is?

In a nutshell it’s a technology that can make your Internet access absolutely comfortable eliminating all blocks, threats and nervousness. ZenVPN service gives you a new anonymous identity, hides your real location and encrypts all your traffic with a click of a button. After that your Internet Service Provider or network operator and even Government won’t be able to inspect or filter your activities on the web. For more technical details check out this page.

Still not sure what the point is? Here goes.

Access regionally restricted services

Need to access a site that only accepts users from specific countries? Now you can! With ZenVPN you can appear to be located in any of the multiple countries we have servers in and access Netflix, Hulu or any other geo-restricted websites regardless of your physical location.

Bypass government-mandated filtering

There is no such thing as a "blocked website" when you connect through ZenVPN. Big Brother can stick his idea of what you should and shouldn't see where it belongs.

Stay safe on public Wi-Fi

Everybody loves their free Internet access via a public Wi-Fi hotspot. But guess who loves public Wi-Fi even more? Fraudsters! Because nothing makes it easier to steal your passwords and credit card numbers or infect your computer with malware than an unprotected Wi-Fi connection.

With a VPN your traffic travels through the air (and further) encrypted and cannot be read or altered by a local attacker.

Use BitTorrent with no restrictions

Unlike many ISPs (and, sadly, VPN providers alike) we don't block or degrade BitTorrent connections. With ZenVPN you can leech and seed all you want within your traffic plan.

Please note however that using a VPN doesn't exempt you from abiding your country's laws.