About Bitcoin discount

In the VPN industry we have a front row seat on the erosion of liberty that is taking place all over the world. We get to see the creep of censorship with more websites blocked every single day. We get to see the data retention and surveillance laws being passed in countries that once prided themselves on their commitment to individual freedoms and respect of privacy. We get to see hosting companies and ISPs that dared to take a stand on the freedom of speech forced out of existence or bullied into compliance.

But the least prominent and yet the most dangerous of these developments is the ever tightening grip on money transfers. From Visa and MasterCard’s refusal of service to WikiLeaks, to the IPredator VPN payments embargo to PayPal’s most recent openly politically motivated decision to ban Russian opposition’s fundraising campaign - stripping those seeking freedom from the means of transacting with those providing it is becoming the go-to tactic of oppressors.

This is why we’ve been watching the rise of cryptocurrency with great excitement. And this is why we are disappointed to see the its relatively slow pace of adoption among consumers. Disappointed but not surprised. The benefits of cryptocurrency to vendors are huge and obvious: no fraud, instant availability of funds, no middle men biting into your margins like a school of hungry piranhas. But the benefits to consumer, while still significant, seem to be often outweighed by the added burdens of converting their traditional money to cryptocurrency.

Eventually we realized that if we want more of our customers to use Bitcoin it’s on us to provide you with a compelling reason to do so. If few people are taking up on the offer where the benefits are skewed our way then the reasonable thing to do is to make it even! Which is why, starting today, we will be slashing 50% off the price of every purchase made with Bitcoin. That’s right, any of the plans we are offering you can now get for half the price if you pay with BTC.

We hope that more online merchants will follow suit and do their part in getting more regular people comfortable with cryptocurrency. Then maybe one day we can all look at the current times of gatekeepers and fraud as the dark ages of Internet commerce.

How to claim the discount

The discount is applied automatically to all Bitcoin payments. When selecting a subscription plan, simply click on "Other payment methods" and choose Bitcoin at the next step.